Steely Dan

Aja - ABC Records 1977

Tracks: 1. Black Cow / 2. Aja / 3. Deacon Blues / 4. Peg / 5. Home at Last / 6. I Got the News / 7 . Josie


"Aja" from 1977 is one of Steely Dan's most commercially successful albums. This may seem a bit surprising since the album also can be considered as one of the group's hardest to get into. It is a very jazz inspired album, and you will find several well-known jazz names among the session-musicians.

The album contains only seven titles, three of which were actually pretty big hits. "Peg" was the biggest with a position on the number 11 spot, but also "Deacon Blues" and "Josie" reached the top thirty.

The longest track on the album, with its almost eight minutes, is the title song "Aja", which I personally find the most exciting on the album. It has a great melody and moreover it has a very catchy "woodwind" theme and some nice guitar. Also "Home at Last" is a song that wins on closer acquaintance; actually also a very melodic song and classic Steely Dan style.

Since I am not the big fan of jazz music the album naturally is not found among my biggest Steely Dan favorites, but apart from "I Got the News" I have actually come to like the album a lot.

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