Flying Burriti Brothers

Airborne - Columbia 1976

Tracks: 1. Out of Control / 2. Waitin' for Love to Begin / 3. Toe Tappin' Music / 4. Quiet Man / 5. Northbound Bus / 6. Big Bayou / 7. Walk on the Water / 8. Linda Lu / 9. Border Town / 10. She's a Sailor / 11. Jesus Broke the Wild Horse


I had no great expectations for this second album from The Flying Burrito Brothers generation II. On this background, the album obviously could not bring any major disappointment, albeit as a whole it doesn’t make any big impression either.

With two experienced, former members of the Byrds (Gene Parsons and Skip Battin) and Burrito favorites like Gib Gilbeau, Pete Kleinow and Joel S. Hill the line-up is absolutely competent. The problem is primarily the lack of exciting new original songs and also a feeling that cover versions in more cases appear somewhat uninspired.

Most of the album could be called ”quite solid”, and a few individual songs do stand out positively. The country ballads "Waiting for Love to Begin", "Northbound Bus" and "Border Town" are all quite good but also rather predictable.

Most surprising track probably is a reggae-inspired version of "Quiet Man" - it actually works quite well.

Among the more rocking numbers Gilbeau's "Big Bayou" is clearly the best bid. An interesting guest appearance comes from Stevie Wonder, who contributes his own "She's a Sailor", which as a song is not very remarkable. The title caught my attension, however, as this also is the name of a new promising Danish group which has just had a nice hit with their song "Beautiful".

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