Chuck Berry

After School Session - Chess 1957

Tracks: 1. School Day / 2. Deep Feeling / 3. Too Much Monkey Business / 4. Wee Wee Hours / 5. Roly Poly / 6. No Money Down / 7. Brown-Eyed Handsome Man / 8. Berry Pickin' / 9. We'll Always Be Together / 10. Havana Moon / 11. Downbound Train / 12. Drifting Heart / 13. You Can't Catch Me* / 14. Thirty Days* / 15. Maybellene*


Chuck Berry's first album from 1957 is mostly a collection of single and EP tracks. Only three songs had not been released previously. Highlights are the songs written in the classic Berry rock'n roll style; "School Days", "Too Much Monkey Business" and "Brown Eyed Handsome Man". The first two were solid single hits in 1956/57; while the latter also has achieved classical status; not least because of Buddy Holly's excellent cover version. The humorous and charming "No Money Down" also performed well as a single; it is moreover a fine example of Berry's ability to write interesting lyrics with a humorous edge.

The album contains three solid instrumentals which in various degrees are based in the blues. Other songs are written in contemporary country / pop style. All in all a fine and trendsetting album; but also a slightly uneven one.

On the bonus-tracks version; all 3 bonus tracks are classics too.

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