Sarah McLachlan

Afterglow - Arista 2003

Tracks: 1. Fallen / 2. World on Fire / 3. Stupid / 4. Drifting / 5. Train Wreck / 6. Push / 7. Answer / 8. Time / 9. Perfect Girl / 10. Dirty Little Secret


Sarah McLachlan's 2003 album "Afterglow" has been criticized by some for lacking good songs. People who feel this way should give album a second chance, because most of the songs are really great and the album as a whole is as least as good as her best.

First impression may be that the songs are generally less catchy and harder to get into, compared to her previous albums. Personally I found both "Fallen" and "Push" very good and cacthy from first listen, while other songs like the waltzy "Time" and the quiet and beautiful "Answer" took a little more time for me to realize how great songs they are.

The album is ,at times, lyrically slightly disillusioned and dark, but on the other hand it shows a strong belief in love. Musically it's a quiet and mature album; like always well-produced.

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