Accellerate - Wea 2008

Tracks: 1. Living Well Is The Best Revenge/ 2. Man Sized Wreath / 3. Supernatural Superserious / 4. Hollow Man / 5. Houston / 6. Accelerate / 7. Until The Day Is Done / 8. Mr Richards / 9. Sing For The Submarine / 10. Horse To Water / 11. I'm Gonna DJ


I believe that "Accelerate" from 2008 must be the most punk album REM ever released. From start to finish the band is blazing through eleven tracks that, with few exceptions, are characterized by energy, lyrics with something to say and distorted guitars. Despite the hard-hitting expression that characterizes most songs, with REM there is almost always, both sensitivity and a good dose of melodic approach.

I do not regard this of one of their best, but certainly one of the most energetic albums. Among the few less hard-hitting songs you will find the almost folky "Houston", which at once is typical of the group and atypical of the album. The song is one of my favorites. Less significant, but also in the subdued end, you will find "Until the Day I Die", which is also a fine song.

Among the hard-hitting tracks "Mr. Richards ", stands out, having most of the group's great qualities. Also "Supernatural Superserious" is a number to remember and one you’re likely to want to return to.

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