Abbey Road - Apple 1969

Tracks: 1. Come Together / 2. Something / 3. Maxwell's Silver Hammer / 4. Oh! Darling / 5. Octopus's Garden / 6. I Want You (She's So Heavy) / 7. Here Comes The Sun / 8. Because / 9. You Never Give Me Your Money / 10. Sun King / 11. Mean Mr. Mustard / 12. Polythene Pam / 13. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window / 14. Golden Slumbers / 15. Carry That Weight / 16. The End / 17. Her Majesty


Many superlatives have been said about The Beatles 'final album "Abbey Road" and there is no doubt that the praise is deserved and that the album is among the Beatles' very best. After the partial uninspired "Let it Be" sessions the group decided to end their cooperation with a really worthy release.

Lennon, who was perhaps the one that was most tired of the role of a Beatle, contributed by two powerful blues-inspired songs "Come Together" and "I Want You". On both tracks the group really demonstrates tight competent playing, and this new remastered release is a true pleasure to listen. Espcially the close vocal harmonies and inspired guitar playing by both Lennon and Harrison all over the album.

Harrison's two songs on the album both belong among his strongest compositions. "Something" became a hit single and "Here Comes the Sun" is a classic that has been recorded in countless cover-versions.

McCartney's "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" and "Oh Darling", both fine songs in their own right, have probably also been some of the most criticized. "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" to be silly and a little too "old school". "Oh Darling" might seem a bit like an anachronism, with its strong inspiration from old R & B tracks such as "Raining in My Heart".

Ringo's "Octopus'Garden" appears somewhat as a children's song, but it is actually a nice melody that is both very well arranged and well produced.

Lennon appears on the last number before "Abbey Road - Suite" from his soft side with "Because", which has some very nice vocal parties.

The rest of the album consists mainly of shorter numbers which are inventively more or less tied together. In reality it is probably the "Abbey Road - Suite", which does that one never really gets tired of this album. The suite includes an abundance of delicate pieces of melody, beautiful vocal harmonies, dazzling instrumental playing and not least, it appears unusually inspired. From "You Never Give Me Your Money" to the last stanzas of "The End" one is so much enthralled by the Beatles. There is no doubt that many groups have been strongly inspired by the way this band were able to bind different genres and melody pieces together into a meaningful whole.

Without saying too much, there is probably little doubt that 10CC and Badfinger (Wish You Were Here) have retrieved much inspiration on this album.

As mentioned earlier, the new version remastered is true joy to listen to, and the release cannot be recommended too much.

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