Ray Davies

Eighty Days - Unreleased 1987

Tracks: 1. Let it Be Written / 2. The Empire Songs / 3. Well Bred Englishman / 4. Against the Tide / 5. Ladies of the Night / 6. On the Map / 7. It Could Have Been Him/Mongolia Song/No Surprises / 8. Welcome to India / 9. Just Passing Through / 10. Who Do You Think You Are / 11. Eighty Days / 12. Members of the Club / 13. Conspiracy / 14. Tell Him, Tell Her / 15. Be Rationbal


This music was written and recorded for a musical. The music has never been officially released, which is obviously frustrating for fans, considering that the bootlegs available are somewhat sub-par soundwise.

The music is nice enough, though you have a feeling that they were rather quickly recorded, and tehere are a demo-feel to most of them. The songs are classic Davies song-writing style, but very few seem to really stick with you, which may be why that it was decided not to release the music on an album. Only "It's on the Map" really stuck with me. <

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