12 Memories - Inpendiente ISM512761 - 2003

Tracks: 1. Quicksand / 2. The Beautiful Occupation / 3. Re-Offender / 4. Peace the Fuck out / 5. How Many Hearts / 6. Paperclips / 7. Somewhere Else / 8. Love Will Come Through / 9. Mid-Life Krysis / 10. Happy To Hang Around / 11. Walking Down the Hill / 12. Some Sad Song* / 13. Definition of Wron* / 14. 12th Memory*


12 Memories is probably the darkest and least commercial album Travis have released . Even the singles tend to seek new grounds for the band, and they are not as immediately catchy as the big hits from the previous two albums. The first single "Re-Offender" in glipses almost sound like a Radiohead song,.

Generally there seem to a great inspiration from a band like Blur. Not least on great tracks like "Somewhere Else" and "Mid-Life Krysis" - my two favourite tracks on the album along with the opener "Quicksand" - I love the "hey-hey" harmony vocals on the chorus.

The three singles "Re-Offender", "Beautiful Occupation" and "Love Will Come Through" ( classic Travis sound ) obviously are great songs, too.

Instrumentally the album is the most varied of all Travis' albums, and it's an album to return to again and again. None of the songs seem unnecessary, and lyrically the band has more at heart than usually.

I would not be surprised if this album eventually is going to be rated as the group's most successful.

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