Piano Red

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Bonus track on the Pete Ham demos collection "Golders Green"

In 2010 the song was finally included on the Re-mastered version of Ass - unfortunately only as digital download.

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"Pete's "Piano Red" was a number inspired by an old blues singer from the South. Nich Bell recalls, "During the previous tour, Pete had met some old guy at a bar called "Red's Grate On The 88." He was playing the piano - he had no teeth - and Pete was blown away with this guy. His name was Piano Red."

Pete's original demo featured slide guitar, but when the band put it together, they dropped the lead. Pete also sung it more like a blues "parady". They claimed they enjoyed it, but it certainly didn't seem serious enough to be on an album. Or was it?" - From "Without You - The Tragic Story of Badfinger" by Dan Matovina.

The first time I heard the song I could not recognize Pete's voice - I though who is singing? I've come to like this track especially the rhytm and Pete's vocal.

The song was supposed to be on the original version of "Ass" which was never released. I hope to see it some day on a Badfinger Rarities album.

The Golders Green version is the acoustic version featuring Pete on slide guitar.


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