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Released On:

Straight Up, Apple album first released in 1971

The song was also planned to be released on an Apple single in 1971 - but it was dropped; the single version of the song has not yet been released

Day After Day - Live released on Ryko Records in 1990

Best of Badfinger, Apple/Capitol compilation released in 1995

The Very Best Of Badfinger released on Apple Records in 2000

Cover Versions:

Cockeyed Ghost on the Badfinger Tribute "Come and Get It!" released on Copper Records in 1996

Riitala on the tribute album "Remembering Badfinger" released 2002 on Virtual Studio Systems

About The Song:

The song was recorded at least twice. The first version produced by Geoff Emerick was not released until the rerelease of "Straight Up" (1993) as one of the bonus-tracks. The second version was part of the Straight Up album released in 1971 on Apple Records. The single version was a remix by Al Kooper of the Geoff Emerick recording. Both versions are very strong - among Badfinger's best recordings! The band played the song live on several occasions.


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