I've Been There Once Before

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A demo version was included on the Pete Ham 2 CD set "Keyhole Street" in 2013

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A song somewhat in the of The Beatles during the "Magical Mystery Tour" period. The demo has Pete playing the piano.
"Another early composition of Pete's was "I've Been There Once Before". Beverley explains, "Pete often had extremely vivid dreams - he would say that sometimes when he slept it was like a movie or a film. He wrote this song about a dream. A short time later a flying accident did happen at an air display. It was so similar to the dream it just shattered him." - From The Tragic Story of Badfinger by Dan Matovina.

I had a sleep last night that scared me

Upon a strange and distant shore

And though I feel inside it can't be

I know I've been there once before

A supersonic flying delta

A flying fortress at its side

Spectators flee in holy terror

As they watch the two collide


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