This page last updated on September 27 - 2006
A Few pics from the Stairsī performance at the "Monotoner" release party in Aarhus on September 16
New opener was the heavy "Thatīs Not a Man" Duelling guitars!
"Back From the Sky" Jesper introducing guest player Andreas Bech!

The band played a set of app. 50 minutes. Though keyboard player Thomas Albrechtsen was absent, the band gave a terrific perfomance. Guest keyboard-player Andreas did a fine job, and obviously enjoyed the evening. As an encore Thomas Rytter and Jesper Vindberg gave a fine version of the quiet ballad "My Miss Right"

Setlist ( taken from memory )
1. "Thatīs Not a Man"
2. "The Devil"
3. "Back From the Sky"
4. "Glue"
5. "Take Me Back"
6. "Music Police"
7. "Song About Something / Nothing"
8. "Everything is Open"
9. "My Miss Right"

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