Live With Faces

Badfinger Live
with The Faces 1972

From fellow countryman Ole Andreasen I've received this copy of a concert-program from June 1st 1972 where Badfinger played second bill to Rod Stewart's Faces. Ole has promised to give his review of it from what he remembers. I hope to be able to add his review here in near future. He has told me that the band played most of the songs from the recently released "Straight Up" which he had just bought ( I've traded it with him now for some old Rolling Stones singles! )

Badfinger, Apple recording artists and songwriters since the inception og The Beatles' label have three chart singles and two chart albums to their credit, have written songs for, and have been featured on, the soundtrack of a major film "The Magic Christian", have performed on stage all over the British Isles and the United States as well as many Europen countries in all kinds of venues from the homely English pub, to the awe-inspiring Madison Square Garden, New York, on the occasion of George Harrison's Bangla Desh concert

From semi-pro ranks, Pete Ham and Mike Gibbins came to London from Swansea, South Wales, intent upon song-writing, in 1966. They were joined by Tom Evans and Joey Molland both from Liverpool, Tom in 1967 and Joey in 1969.

Sharing the same home, and with a sound-deadened room, they wrote and made tapes - in between gigs - of their early songs. A selection of these were submitted to Paul McCartney in early 1968 and before the summer was out they had been signed by the newly-forming Apple Corps, Ltd.

Apart from "Come And Get It", Paul's song which they recorded for the film, their albums "Magic Christian Music", "No Dice", and now "Straight Up" are all their own songs.

If "Rolling Stones" earlier comments and those made recently - when "No Dice" was described as a classic of Rock - can be taken as a guide, then Badfinger are developing into a major force in Today's music.

This concert takes place by arrangement with Sadler's Wells Trust (Coliseum) Ltd.

Press Officer: Helen Solomon

Recollections From The Concert

From Tony who attended the concert, I´ve received this mail:
I felt compelled to drop you a line after seeing the article on Badfinger and The Faces concert. Luckily I got to see the band opening for The Faces that same summer. I’d always been a fan and couldn’t believe I was going to get to see them. Unfortunately the concert was not that memorable. They were plagued with the typical opening band sound system problems. But I do recall that most of the stuff they played was from the Straight Up album. One thing that went unexplained was that Joey Molland had a cast on his arm. A band member, (I think it was Pete) in an attempt to explain the cast remarked to the audience that they caught Joey wanking off in the bathroom. That was the one and only time I got to see them.


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