Brand New Badfinger Publication – “Shine On” by Keith James.

A 44-page document containing the best of articles from his previous publications, “The Badfinger File”, “Matted Spam”, “Better Days” and “The Iveys File” most of which have been updated. Read for the first time the complete history of The Calderstones from 1962 through to Tommy’s departure in 1967, containing new information never before seen.

Free with this new set is an exclusive CD containing The Iveys recording “2 Day’s Monday” from 1966 and Tommy’s Calderstones rare demo single “What are You Going to do About it?” also from 1966

Also Free, a souvenir 12-page booklet “8th July, 1966” celebrating The Iveys first professional gig at The Seven Club, Shrewsbury.

‘Shine On’ contains 20 articles from former Keith James works:

Pete’s Record Collection” – The music Pete had in his own record collection, ranging from Nana Mouskuri to John Sebastian, from Judy Collins to The Mose Allison Duo. (1818 words). Updated with more artists.

The Iveys days with David Garrick” – The story of The Iveys audition with David Garrick, followed by an exclusive interview where Garrick talks of his time with The Iveys for the very first time. (2374 words). Updated.

The Story of Them Calderstones” – The exhaustive tale of Tommy’s first serious band (words) Updated after new interviews with members of the band.

Pete’s 21st Birthday Party” – An eyewitness account of Pete’s birthday celebrations. (1029 words). Updated

We can’t all be Composers” – An exclusive interview with David Jenkins in which he talks about his life before, during and after The Iveys. (2200 words) Updated.

Tommy’s Days at YIM” – The story of Tommy’s working life at Yorkshire Imperial Metals as told by his work colleagues. (1189 words) Updated.

Badfinger’s First Fan Club” – The story of the Reading fan club set up by Sylvia Collins, with reproductions of her newsletters. (2339 words)

Don’t Believe a Word – Setting the Badfinger Record Straight” – Did Pete appear in “Let it be”? Did Ron play on “Andy Norris”? Did the death of a previous girlfriend influence Pete on “Without You”? (2707 words) Updated with new rumours!

The Happening” – The full story of The Iveys performance on The Lulu Show in 1969. (965 words)

131 Facts about Badfinger You have Never Read or Heard before… probably!” A range of facts about the boys. What does Joey like to eat before a concert? Who did Mike have a pencil drawing of on the wall of his home? Who did Tommy go to for spiritual guidance? What are Bob Jackson’s favourite Pete Ham songs? (3732 words) Updated with thirteen new facts!

Pete’s Heroes” – The people outside of the music sphere whose careers Pete followed – from Charles Hawtrey to Peter Cushing to Julie Christie. (2018 words). Updated.

Joey – a Review of the Solo Years” – The tale of Natural Gas through to “This Way Up”. (1544 words). Updated with a review of Joey’s internet downloads.

RIP Mush” – Reproduction of an article for Mike that was in the Badfinger Convention programme. (587 words)

The Charing Cross Sessions” You think “Maybe Tomorrow was the first Iveys record? Think again. (490 words). Updated.

Biting into a Bad Apple” – Was the Beatles tag a hindrance or a help? (1100 words)

Just These Lines….” A review of the song-writing career of Ron Griffiths, including an exclusive dip into a scrapbook from the mid Sixties. (1677 words). Updated with more of Ron’s unreleased Iveys demos.

Hogging The Iveys Studio” – The story of how The James Hogg Band befriended The Iveys and used their studio in Golders Green. (585 words)

Up Keyhole Street” The tale of the street that inspired Pete’s 1966 song. (955 words).

Dear Father” Biographies of Pete’s, Mike’s, Ron’s and David’s fathers. (2375 words).

Take my Spoon” – The facts behind Pete’s 1970 composition “Blodwyn’. (586 words). Updated.

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