Badfinger´s Debt to Beatle Paul
Tom Evans Interview by Phil Symes - Early 1970

A couple of months ago we were just making album tracks, and weren´t doing anything as far as a
single was concerned. So we began to feel depressed. We kept submitting tapes to Paul and George
but they were always returned as unsuitable for release. The main trouble was, we didn´t have a record
producer - we still haven´t.

The Beatles were worried when we weren´t doing well, but Paul has always taken the most interest.
When he wrote Come and Get It, he offered it to us because he knew we had nothing to do.
He even produced it, and told us, “I´m going to do this, but don´t expect any more.”
When we did the single we thought it was too simple, because only piano, bass and drums are used.
But now we realise what a genius Paul is - he knew what he was doing. We´ve since been
working on the Magic Christian Music album, which we did ourselves apart from help from Paul
on four tracks.

Our main concern is to sell the album and establish ourselves by the music on it. Our music is
simple - it has teeny bopper appeal - and is aimed at middle-of-the-road people who like neither
reggae nor progressive music. But like The Beatles we´re gradually going to progress, and the
people who bought this record can progress with us. We don´t intend to be a real way out group,
just a simple hard rock group.

We used to get very involved with our recording and adding as much backing as possible. When we
submitted one tape to Paul, he returned it offering to take us into the studio to show how it ought
to have been done. He´s helped us to bring us out more, and has built up a lot of enthusiasm
by taking an interest. Perhaps if he likes the song we choose for the next single, he´ll produce it for

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