I was Richer as a Facctory Fitter - Tom Evans
Disc and Music Echo 1970

I used to have between 10 and 12 Pounds a week more in my pocket then than I do now. At
the moment Badfinger are busy paying off back debts which have built up. So far we
have got nothing out of having a hit. But were not worried.
Next to Paul McCartney he ( Toms English teacher ) he was my biggest inspiration at the time.
He sent me a Christmas card last year. And I was knocked out that he remembered me!
I used to sing my songs to him and he used to write them down for me.
I realise its inevitable that we are going to be labelled the next teeny-bopper attraction. But
at least its good that the fans have found something they want to dig. Most groups are
progressing so much today that one wonders where theyre all going to end up.
Paul is so natural. Hes still as Beatle-ish as the Beatles ever were. Hes stuck with life, whereas
Lennon has moved on. He was the local hero at home. We both lived on a prefab estate
at Knowsley. But I never dreamed then that Id end up working with him like this.
Whatever happens we desperately want one of our numbers to be our next hit single.
I wrote it ( Maybe Tomorrow ) about a girl I knew back home. She was the only girl I was
ever crazy about. We met at a ballroom date, and it was really love at first sight. But its
funny how life changes you.

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