So Whats Wrong With Screamers?
New Musical Express Febr. 7 - 1970

(After the groups appearance at Quantways Ballroom.)
The reaction was marvellous. We keep worrying that people will think were some kind of
teenybopper group, but they stop dancing and listen and seem to appreciate us as a good
rock band.
We got the screams again tonight, though, and Id be a liar if I said we didnt like to hear them.
Who wouldnt at this stage of a career? But theyre in proportion, and were happy that
people mostly seem to be interested in what were doing. Were a lot more relaxed than
we were a few years ago, before the record started to happen. The last year had been
an edgy one for us, with debts to pay and a lot of worries and doubts whether wed ever
be able to make it.
Making this hit has helped us get ourselves level again, but were not going to fall into the trap
of thinking were the greatest. We dont want to get so free and easy we end up a one-hit
wonder. I think we owe it to ourselves and the public to think seriously about the future
of Badfinger. Certainly were determined to try make our next single one of our own compositions.
Writing songs is the groups biggest satisfaction.

What were doing is writing as much as we can; then were going to go into the studios in about
a month and see what comes up best.
Getting time to do everything ; thats the problem. Doing as many one-nighters as possible is
neccessary at the moment, because we got to pay off a lot of the debts - for equipment
and things like that. You know, the funniest thing about getting to no. 3 in the charts - were
not feeling any different. Im not being flash, its just that weve hoped and wanted to make
it for so long, and now that we have, the only reaction is to feel content and relaxed. Id
imagined us raving around all over the place. Im not sure if we want to reach no. 1 either.
If we stayed at no. 3 or no. 2 it just might be the kick we need to make us do better the next time.

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