Pete Ham Interview - Origin Unknown - Probably done some time 1972

About Bangla Desh!

George was in New York and he rang me up and presented the idea. Six hours later I was
on a flight to New York. The whole thing was put together very quickly, but it came off very well.

About Here Comes The Sun!

George just wanted to keep it simple. So he just told me to put a capo on it and what changes
were important. Then I went back to the hotel and listened to theAbbey Road
tape, We never really rehearsed - no time.

Why no Badfinger performance?

Again, it was just because George had this idea and it was his show. We just helped him out
and were glad to be there

About Paul McCartney!

He kind of set the direction and helped us get the sound we wanted, but at first he was very
much in control. He was the pro, we were the beginners.

About Todd Rundgren!

Hes a little too domineering. Hes too accustomed to working with things his way.

About producing

Wed like to get a very good engineer and do the actual producing ourselves. Since we wont
be recording until fall, Im sure well get along OK.

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