Badfinger´s Two Faces - Disc June 17 1972

And if there is ( a similarity between Badfinger and Beatles ) then that´s just another case of
people falling into the old trap of wanting to categorize music; they seem unable to regard
all kinds of sounds as one thing - music. So what if some people think we do sound like their
early stuff - is it really that important?

You see, the thing is that if you start leaning too heavily on a producer then inevitably he tends
to become integrated with the band - which leads to all kinds of problems, mainly resolving
around the fact that he´ll start wanting to implement his own ideas - which, of course, may
not be those of the band.

Oh no. We´d never stop performing to concentrate on writing; firstly because we enjoy live
performances, and secondly because so many ideas for songs come from working on the road.
We always write for ourselves, anyway, so if other people decide to record our songs
we´re pleased.

What we´d all like to see happening is a gradual thing resulting in the formation of almost two
Badfingers - one that records the slowerl, more thoughtful acoustic numbers, and the other that
plays more up-tempo rock numbers on stage, perhaps with a few electric/acoustic numbers
thrown in to give some light and shade. We enjoy doing rock stuff, even if it isn´t yet fully
developed as it could be.

I´m not putting them (heavy bands!) down, but the way they work when writing new songs
is to get the sound and the instrumental bit together first - and then add the words. With us, it
is the opposite. We sacrifice the group for the song by getting the words together first, building
the melody around it later.

But the thing with this country as compared to the States is that certain kinds of people will only
listen to certain kinds of music, and nothing else, because their minds are closed. Kids in
the States might pay to see Zappa one night and queue to see some bublegum band the
next. They don´t care if it´s “uncool”, they just do what they enjoy. Mind you the situation for
British bands over there is very favourable at the moment - it seems to carry a certain cache.

We do rock numbers on stage because we enjoy it. I´m sorry if some people found it boring -
we´ll have to improve it then. You see, we´re not a freaky heavy rock band, though we
certainly keep early Rock´nRoll close to our hearts.

There´s also an added difficulty in that our equipment isn´t together enough yet to be able to
handle quiet stage numbers with much clarity - and besides, most audiences over here
expect at least a few boogieing numbers in the course of an evening.

That´s ( forthcoming touring in Britain ) the only way we´re going to get off in this country. We hope
to surprise some of our critics.

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