Fickle Fate Of ´Finger
Disc - December 1973

We´ve nearly finished - there are just some over-dubs to do.
I don´t know what´s going to happen to it (Ass). But I hope it is put out at some stage - it´s
horrible to think that there´s a part of our lives locked away somewhere
We´re always pleased with our albums - so much hard work goes into them that we have to
be naturally I´m happy with this one - especially as there are about 4 and a half of my songs
on it. Although a particular song would belong to a certain individual, by the time everybody
else has made their suggestions and improvements, it´s really a group song.

It took a long time - especially in the States. I remember one terrible occasion with The Beatles,
we were billed above Stevie Wonder! We were horrified - there was only one thing to
to do - we pulled out of the gig: How do you follow an act like that.

We never did release our records in very quick succession, but the fact that our last album hasn´t
been released at all here, had made the gap about two years.
Although it would be nice to have a hit again here - it´s a long time since Come and Get It - we
haven´t made any particular changes with that in mind. If we did have some chart success
now, it would show there´s a bit more to us than most people originally thought.

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