Badfinger Boogies - Late 1973
By Karen Hepburn

Do Badfinger consider themselves “Beatles” discoveries?

No, not at all. We were out doing it a long time before The Beatles clicked. A long time before we signed
with Apple we were all doing what we´re doing now. The Beatles certainly helped us a lot, you
know. They gave us a bit of freedom and a bit of money, but they didn´t discover us.

Do they (Badfinger) associate with The Beatles today?

We haven´t reallly got a relationship with The Beatles right now. We get a phone call once in a while
or do a session . We did one on “Material World”.

In England there are always people trying to criticize us - people from the press or whatever. They
have this opinion of us being like The Beatles or The Raspberries. It´s like a raspberry trip for us
over there. So we never get to play really how we want to play or what we want to play.
I think it´s (the Canadian scene) going to be the next big thing. It´s on the edge of a really big upsurge.
I think that America has been overexposed and England has been overexposed, but Canada
has been lying there all the time watching what´s going on and taking it all in. I think a lot of talent is
going to be exposed from Canada the next two years.
We went to record it ( Ass ) in April and it wasn´t released. Therefore we couldn´t get any tours. So we
thought, we´ll go in and make the first Warner album now. So we went and did that after not playing
for nine months, you know. We didn´t really have many ideas.

What made Badfinger decide to leave Apple to sign with Warner Brothers Records.?

We changed labels because the contract with Apple ran out. We negotiated a new contract, but Apple
didn´t want to do it, or ABKCO rather. So we went to Warner Bros. and Warner Bros. wanted to
do it. It is as simple as that.

We need to get back to the grip of it to appreciate what´s going on, so we can go and make an album
that´s closer to reality. Before everything seemed to come easy for us. We had a lucky break and
we tended to fall back on it. Now we are out on our own and we realize that we have to work
to get ahead.

Why did you decide to get into music?

When I was a sixteen-year old wretch,I got turned on by The Everly Brothers singing “Cathy´s Clown”
and Buddy Holly singing “That´ll Be The Day”, and I thought to myself, I like that, so I got myself
a guitar

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