Finger Style
by Chris Charlesworth

I donīt think about the resemblance to the Beatles. It might sound like the Beatles, but thatīs what we
sound like We just play a number the way we feel it should be played
George is like a demi-God in America; and if he likes us then other people will give us a fair listen. They
donīt just come because George likes us, but they are more prepared to give us a hearing. I met
Pete Townshend in New York and he said he likes us too. It makes you feel much better to know
that respected musicians like what you are doing; even if some of the kids donīt.

We have been doing some gigs in England. We did a few colleges before Christmas and we went
down pretty well most of the time. We would like to do a big concert tour in England, but we would like
to be sure we could get a good audience who like what we are doing. If we went on tour with a
heavy group they would ecpect us to play heavy music. We could go if we wanted to, but it
would probably ruin everything
We will definitely be doing a tour of England. Everybody wants to make it in their home country, and we
do too, but we are not sure whether the audiences will accept us. People in America seem to dig
songs more than in England. Over here they would rather you went on stage and played a guitar
solo for half an hour.
We seem rather isolated in England and we always seem to be away whenever we get into the charts
so went canīt follow up a record success with big promotion to help it to the top or anything. We
feel we have deserted Britain, because Britain never made us like it did some groups. Every
group in the world wants to go to America and play there. When we go next week, we are topping the
bill all the time. We are playing The Carnegie Hall in New York and topping over Al Kooper. Itīs
a lot easier not to top the bill because you donīt have the pressure of following everybody else
and being expected to be the top act.

Straight Up was made in comparatively short time of seven weeks. It follows an album made by
Badfinger but scrapped at the last minute because the group felt it wasnīt up to standard.
People would just say that hereīs another band using Leon Russell and Nicky Hopkins. We donīt
want to make a big thing out of the fact that they are playing on the record.

He ( George Harrison ) just advised us. He has a lot of experience of taking a number and seeing
through it and knowing how to arrange it. We are happy with the album considering all the
upheavals and personality changes we were going through at the time.
I am sure we all feel like leaving the group at some times but we were not going to break up. There is
no point. Itīs like we are all solo artists playing together because we all write and have our own
styles, but we can slot into each otherīs ideas. Itīs a good arrangement.

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