After Six Months on Their Ass... Badfinger are Ready for Lover or Money
Roger Duncan - Record & Radio Mirror, December 15, 1973

Richard Dureya:
It´s ( For Love Or Money ) scheduled for release in both Britain and America on December 28 and

When I was there ( Japan ) before, in the band before Badfinger, we were really surprised. They have
a whole seperate Japanes folk music scene that´s really big as well as western type rock.
You wouldn´t believe it, within five minutes, there was a woman sent to sew it ( Joey´s ripped jeans ),
all very organized unlike some European scenes.
Everytime we have a single out in England, it´s also out in the States and we´d have a tour there to
promote it. We´re hoping that with the release of this new album things will change and we´ll have
a chance to present a stage act in England featuring a lot of our new material.
Yesterday, we spent five hours learning and arranging it until two o´clock this morning, then we found
that tthe electric piano had got just one flat note, and it was the one we wanted. So we´ve had
to start all over again. The trouble is that the more times you do a number in the studio, the more
it alters from how you imagined it.
That guy ( JJ Cale) is so laid back he´s almost not there but the part that is there is right, just right
, you know.

After spending six months waiting to see if Ass would be released, we were all getting fed up with
hanging around. We did not want to go out and do the numbers live until it was released and then it
just never came out, But now lots of things are coming together and everyone in the band is
really keen on this new album. We´ve got Chris Thomas as producer as we had on Ass, and it´s
working very well.

Richard Dureya:
We´re just building up now. We expect to surprise a lot of people, especially British audiences, when
we get out on the board again.

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