Melody Maker article/Interview January 30, 1971 by Chris Charlesworth.

Pete: Everyone who interviews us wants to talk about The Beatles. Sure we were influenced by The
Beatles, like ten million other groups. There are a million groups copying Led Zeppelin at the
moment but nobody bothers to critize them for it. We like melodies and songs and we get called
the second Beatles.

C. Charlesworth note:
Peter Ham appears to be the father figure. Liverpool accented Joey Molland sits cross-legged and
grins cheekily. Tommy Evans, the bassist who - I canīt help it - looks remarkably like McCartney,
starts sentences, but doesnīt finish them, and Mike Gibbins says very little.

Badfinger has been my only group, so Iīll tell you about us. We were going as The Iveys when we
joined Apple to make some demo tapes. That was two and a half years ago and that was when
Badfinger was born. It was then that we did Come and Get it which became a hit. Before then we
had done a song called Maybe Tomorrow which we thought was going to be very succesful, but it
wasnīt . When it didnīt do anything, it was quite a blow to our own judgement but Come and Get It
came along and we did that instead. That was very big in America, and we did an album which
also did well over there. So we went over for twelve weeks.

We did 35 college dates over and had ours minds blown in various directions. It took us about a
week to get used to the place, but when we did, it was great. It was unusual for us to play to people
who were sitting down and watching and listening for a change. The people there seemed to
have come specifically to see you instead of just to see another group to dance to. The Beatles have
done us a lot of good. To have been associated with them has done us a lot of good because they are great people.

What we would really love is to be accepted in this country, but it doesnīt seem as though we are yet.

We are not complaining. Itīs a fight for us in England.

.English people think of us as the group that did Come And Get It, full stop. They donīt
seem to be prepared to listen to other things we do, but in America they view every number

Essentially we are a melody group

How do Badfinger rate the current wave of heavy bands?

Boring. A lot of it is a load of rubbish. They play a guitar-riff and write a number round it. They
should try writing a number and finding a guitar-riff to fit it. >Thatīs much harder. I think
people will get back to more melodic things. They have all learned to improvise now and they will
use it in writing good songs. That is what we are trying to do.

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