NME Article/Interview Jan 24 1970 - New Mersey Boom by Alan Smith

We thought we had made it when we joined up. Then we got knocked down by the kind of
superiority we felt around us. It was a difficult period in which we probably lost confidence in
ourselves for a while.
Now, well, we´ve been through all that, and we´ve jammed around, and now we know you have to
play within your capabilities. It´s no good pretending you´re something you´re not.
The public find out.
I know we didn´t write our hit. But at least it´s put us in a position of strength.

There´s a lot of talent there ( Liverpool ), but I can´t see them happen nationally again. Not while
the scene is progressive, anyway. Then again, maybe the progressive thing is going out. Maybe
people will start looking for something down the middle again - like Badfinger.

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