Iveys Find It Hard To Please Beatles
Disc 1969

We do feel a bit neglected, especially as that record ( Maybe Tomorrow ) got as high as no. 50 in
America and nobody seems to know about it. We had hoped someone might have blown a trumpet
for us when that happened.
We keep writing songs for a new single and submitting them to Apple, but The Beatles keep sending
them back saying they´re not good enough. We´ne now come up with a song that Mal Evans
says he likes, so perhaps we stand a chance at last.

We´ve had a sound-proof studio built in the flat, and seem to be sweating out all our time in there. Mind
you, we´ve had a lot of things that most groups could not expect. The Beatles bought our gear
for us, all the equipment and the group van, and we´ve had all sorts of consessions . . all we need
now is a hit single, or even just a new single, hit or not, and we´ll be happy.
We´re going to keep on writing, and we´re determined to comw up with something The Beatles like.
At first we were adamant about not recording anything but one of our own songs, but now we´d record
anything, so long as it was good.
No, The Beatles haven´t offered us any of their songs, but we´re not really expecting them to. Paul
McCartneyt did suggest that a couple of tracks off our American LP might make a single . . . but
not for England.
In general we´re still optimistic - and whatever happens we´re determined to win.

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