All Is Not Rosy At Apple
Bob Farmer´s Gossip

After Mary Hopkin, I think Apple thought it would be a snowball for evryone that followed. Instead
they´re really having to slog. There seems to be a definite wall of resentment possibly, against everything
Apple are trying to do. We can´t get radio plays, no one will book us on to TV shows,
noone seems to want to write about us.
The unco-operation of The Beatles and Mary Hopkin is not helping. either. The business definitely
seems to be blocking all that Apple are trying to do and we are the ones that are suffering because
we´re really the guinea-pigs - the first group Apple have launched. When we made this first record
we were told that expense was no object. So we must have spent about 3000 pounds before
we found the right single at eighth attempt.The Apple conception is to give new artists a chance
to be heard, which we haven´t been.

It´s not as if we´re trying to climb on The Beatles´bandwagon. The only thing we got out of The Beatles
was, “Do you want a fag?”

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