The Plum of The New Apple Crop!

I used to go down there ( The Cavern ) in my dinner hour. Well, me auntie had given me
this old Lonnie Donegan type of guitar, so I was quite interested. Actually the only encounter
I had with them was in the coffee bar in The Cavern one day. I was next to John Lennon in the
queue. I accidently bumped into him and spilled my lemonade over him. He just growled,
”Watch it!” at me - I thought he was quite hard in those days.
How did I meet these three Welsh nits? Well, one night we were playing a gig when these
longhaired weirdies walked in. They looked daft, you really couldn´t miss them - blokes in
Liverpool were wearing their hair all short and moddy at the time.
Well, they dragged me on one side, asked if I was interested in songwriting, and offered me
a place in the group. So I joined.

Well, it´s like this. Say we´re all going to some place to buy some chips. The others get theirs,
I get to the counter and “Sorry - all finished!” It´s true. Or if there was the time I put my
money into one of those vending machines, pressed the button marked oxtail soup - and
got a cup of hot water. I didn´t get my money back either.
But we´ll tell you one thing. Tom tried to tease us by saying that Wales was so backward,
there were sheep walking in the streets. That was before he´d ever been there. Well, on
the first tour of Wales he ever played with us, we were just driving out of Merthyr when we
had to stop: There were these sheep all over the road. We were mortified. And he´s never
let us forget it.

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