Sounds Article/Interview August 31 1974
Mostly only qoutes brought here
By Pete Makowsky

There´s an interesting story behind that song. You see, I wrote this song but I didn´t have a
good chorus line for it and Tom wrote this great chorus, so we stuck the two parts together.

I remember when we met the guy. We were in the studio and he was in the one next door.
One day he came over and asked us to come into his studio because he had just recorded
one of our numbers. As soon as we heard it, we knew that that was the way we wanted to do
it, but never had the nerve.

It was such a schmaltzy tune that I couldn´t bring myself to sing the song with any real conviction
. We were totally paranoid of doing it that way.

We used to do a lot of interviews and all anyone wanted to know was about The Beatles and
Apple. We could have become their press officers.

We haven´t bee gigging too much recently and we tend to approach albums differently when
we´re on the road. These albums are studio albums and they´ve got that kind of feel.
I that way they work, but we´re a completely different band when we´re on the road. The next
album that´s coming out is closer to our live feel. The tracks are longer and we´re much
more pleased with it.

When are we going to get a taste of Badfinger in action?

We really want to tour here, and we will soon. We´ve also been thinking of releasing a live
album. We´ve got lots of tapes of our American gigs and it would be really nice to have
something like that out eventually

When we tour here, it will be a support tour. We´d like to do it with a band like Man. That´s
the kind of following we´re after.

It´s ( Caribou ) a great place because it´s so secluded that it gives you a chance to get your
ideas together without any outside infiltration. When you record an album in New York or the
Record Plant in L.A. it usually ends with some big names getting in on the session and that
way they tend to swing the music their way.

We we´re offered a gig at Madison Square Gardens with none other than Stevie Wonder
supporting. That was at the time he was re-emerging on the scene; but we said no way. That was just too much for us.

Some of the gigs we did in the States were pretty heavy, especially a support gig with The
Doors down south.

George promised to produce our album, but he found that he just didn´t have the time, so
he suggested Todd to us. I remember when the guy came in. His hair was all different
colours which was unheard of then. That guy was so naturally speedy and he knew exactly
what type of sound he wanted. He was really good, but I don´t think we´d work with him again
if we had the opportunity.

Oh, why´s that?

Because he was making us sound the way he wanted to hear it. And we already had an idea
of what we´d like to sound like. I mean, everyone knows when Rundgren produces, because
it´s got his sound.

What we really want to do is get out on the road and gig. `Cause I´m sure that we´ll surprise
people. We can rock when we want to.

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