The Very Best of Badfinger

- Released in September 2000, on Apple Records Apple 5269742 -

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:No Matter What (Ham) Pete 2.59
2:Day After Day (Ham) Pete 3.10
3:Baby Blue (Ham) Pete 3.35
4:Name Of The Game (Ham) Pete 5.19
5:Maybe Tomorrow (Evans) Tom 2.51
6:Come and Get It (McCartney) Tom 2.21
7:Rock Of All Ages (Evans/Ham/Gibbins) Tom 3.16
8:Carry On Till Tomorrow (Ham/Evans) Tom 4.47
9:Midnight Caller (Ham) Pete 2.48
10:We're For The Dark (Ham) Pete 3.51
11:I'll Be The One (Ham/Evans/Gibbins/Molland) Tom 2.54
12:Without You (Ham/Evans) Tom and Pete 4.42
13:I'd Die Babe (Molland) Joey 2.34
14:It's Over (Evans) Tom 3.24
15:When I Say (Evans) Tom 3.06
16:Dennis (Ham) Pete 5.19
17:Lonely You (Ham) Pete 3.43
18:Love Time (Molland) Joey 2.18
19:Meanwhile Back at The Ranch/Sh. (Ham/Molland) Pete and Joey 5.16

My comments:

This new Badfinger compilation contains both Apple and Warner tracks. Undoubtedly this album will be a good appetizer and a good place for "newcomers" to start, All the hits are represented and most of the immediately catchy songs are here. Good to see Pete so well-represented and also great that "I'll Be The One" , the great lost single, is included. Obviously there will always be great songs that have been left out. Personally I would like to have seen "Blind Owl", "Shine On", "Know One Knows" and some of the great "Head First"-tracks included ( "Keep Believing", "Lay Me Down", Mr Manager", "Moonshine" etc, ) . Also a bit disappointing that that none of the great still unreleased Apple tracks have not been included as bonus-tracks. ( e.g. "Sing For The Song" and "Baby Please")

My favourites:

Come And Get It, No Matter What, Midnight Caller, Without You, The Name of The Game, Day After Day, Baby Blue, When I Say, Midnight Caller, We're For The Dark, I'll Be The One, Lonely You, Dennis and Meanwhile Back at The Ranch

Other very good songs: I'd Die Babe and Love Time

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 9

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