The Stairs

Released in December 2007 on private label

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:Little Bird (Vindberg) Jesper 3.47
2:Back From the Sky (Vindberg) Jesper 4.45
3:Sitting in the Sun (Vindberg) Jesper 5.37
4:Song About Something/Nothing (Vindberg) Jesper 4.39
5:Sleep Time (Vindberg) Jesper 3.39

MyMusic Review

There are by now probably no more doubts that The Stairs are on their way forward. A quick glance through the news updates of the band speaks it own clear language, and in the middle of June the 5-piece band will once again enter the studios. This time specifically to record two radio-singles with the producing-team Stillwalker, who have previously produced for acts like The Broken Beats and Oh No Ono.

Having listened through the Stairs’ selftitled EP it is clear that the band’s dreams of airplay on some of the big radiostations are actually within reach. Songs like “Little Bird” and “Back From the Sky” are obvious radio-hits, if not exactly in contrast to, then at least a quite different from the rest of the tracks on the EP, which in style and approach are much more experimenting and playful, but also more uneven and groping.

This does by no means make these songs less interesting and The Stairs’ inclination and ability to throw themselves into grand complex rockcompositions could very well happen to be their greatest strength in the long run, if they’re capable of maintaining their listeners with their experiments. This ability is particularly obvious on the track “Song About Something/Nothing”, which brings the listener good and well through its sudden shifts in dynamics and speed, spiced with small wedges of new music, like at 90 seconds into the song, where the quietly built up ballad suddenly is exposed to a solid piece of rock in a delicious cake of modulation-effects.

In spite of all these capers, The Stairs are succesful in their project and leave the listener with the impression of a thorough composition, which in its structure, instrumentation and use of edgy rockpiano is reminiscent of Queen, the unquestioned masters of the rocksymphonic form.

The track “Sitting in the Sun” belongs to the same category as “Song About Something/Nothing”, but in spite of many fine musical ideas it comes out heavier and more fractionated in form. Melody and instrumentation never really work together in a higher unit and in the end it is the instrumental parts and the tight playing of the band that saves the track.

The best track of the release is beyond question “Little Bird” which must be the incarnation of what the band is capable of. Not as experimenting as “Song About Something/Nothing” nor like "Back From The Sky" at the border of simple hitoriented pop-songwriting, but a track which brings together these extremes into a balanced whole. The song is melodically interesting and the arrangement is varied and balanced. The energy-level is high, and wondrously Jesper Vindberg’s vocals succeed in floating above it all with their refreshing power. Everything works and even the somewhat ingenious intro/outro parts work convincingly, though the general sound might profit from a grittier approach.

The build-up in mind, it is hard not to think of Tim Christensen, and Jesper Vindberg’s final phrasing of the word “time” in second line of the first verse seems picked out of the phrasing-catalogue of Tim C. Jesper Vindberg and the other Stairs-boys should not be blamed for this, though, for no matter how clearly inspiration from other artists show up, what The Stairs do is fully their own. it shall be interesting to see whether the new producer-collaboration will be able to bring forward better and more focused productions. The potentials of The Stairs seem far from fully explored. .

From Danish rock-pop web-site "MyMusic" - April 2008

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Gaffa Review

The Stairs is a band, who has matured during the last twelve months. I have previously praised their 1960’s inspired pop-songs, but eventually they have landed at a cool place, which does not sound so much like“then”, but more like a contemporary angle on those times. They write good songs in the very British tradition to which also the Beatles, Oasis and Devine Comedy have contributed. The good songs have been written on the guitar, but they are, in particular, skillfully backed up by keys and drums. There is an understated charm and peace throughout the demo, even though there is actually quite a lot of sound. It sounds easy for the band, and the playing is impressive. They still may come out as slightly nostalgic, but on the other hand, this isn’t a style of music, which is very obvious for too much modernization. At times the band does try at more abstract songwriting, or maybe they just lose the thread. That is not when the Stairs peak, but rather in the tight psychedelic pop-pearls.

From Danish rock-pop magazine "Gaffa" - February 2008

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