Songs About the Special Offer´s Mind

Released in November 2006, on private label

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:That´s Not a Man (Vindberg) Jesper 3.25
2:Glue (Vindberg) Jesper 3.46
3:Poor White Trash (Vindberg) Jesper 3.18
4:Music Police (Vindberg) Jesper 3.56


A Steady Course

With cut claws and newly washed hair The Stairs are trying push their easy 1960´s inspired pop-rock up from the underground of Jutland´s biggest city, Aarhus. The pushing goes in the right direction, but the course could be more steadily laid.

Playing with various styles is mostly inspiring, refreshing, maybe even challenging. Playing is altogether good, and the Stairs are also more interesting to listen to, when playfulness and the joy of playing crush the nice facade; this fortunately does happen a couple of times during the 14 minutes playing-time of “Songs From the Special Offers´ Mind”

With the obvious ( and acknowledged ) musical references to the Beatles as well as the Kinks, the Stairs operate inside a classical and ultra-melodic rock-tradition, and they know their means; vocal harmonies, plenty of guitars and a couple of compulsory breaks.

This is all good and well. And messrs. Jesper, Janus, Sune and 2 x Thomas are indeed convincing, when they unfold. There is plenty of energy, room for playing and a consciousness of expression and style that indicates a mature band.

As stated, all is good and well. A place where the Stairs could be a bit more targeted is in the song-writing, which this reviewer finds a little too - well - targeted. Self-contradictory? Well, no. The Stairs need to go a little off centre, to take a false step for half a minute to convince again of the sincerity of the music, and to scratch the moulded front.

Through the four tracks, which are to find on Songs From The Special Offers' Mind", you get a taste of what the Stairs are capable of. You get a taste for it. And you also manage to forget, what the blazes it tasted of. For, although the band manages to seduce the listener with feathery 60´s-inspired pop-rock, the band also make themselves faceless and, honestly, slightly pointless. It starts off well with the catchy “That´s Not a Man”, which on the other hand differs markedly from the other three songs on the EP, which are neither whimsical, 60´s pop nor musical play. Here in turn is pop-oriented pop-craft, and it is both catchy and pleasant listening. With “Glue” on the other hand there is experimenting with style and expression, giving the immediate impression of the Stairs, as an interesting dimension. Along with “Music Police” and “Poor White Trash” “Glue” follows the poppy trails back in music-history, and this soon becomes a dull experience.

As said there are plenty of moments of playfulness, but not very much of sheer Stairs profile. They are not far away, though, and it is obvious that the band have got a hold of the right end of rock; somewhere in the sixties with their hands deep down in the bag of musical talent.

Written by Mads Just-Olesen, Mondag 29.jan.07 for

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