Shine On

- First released in 1989, on Edsel Records - ED 302 (UK)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:I Miss You (Ham) Pete 2.35
2:Shine On (Ham/Evans) Pete 2.52
3:Love is Easy (Molland) Joey 3.08
4:Song For a Lost Friend (Ham) Pete 2.52
5:Why Don't We Talk (Evans) Tom 3.45
6:Island (Molland) Joey 3.40
7:Lonely You (Ham) Pete 3.43
8:Andy Norris (Molland/Molland) Joey 2.59
9:In The Meantime (Gibbins) Mike 3.08
10:Some Other (Molland) Joey 3.37
11:Just a Chance (Ham) Pete 2.56
12:Know One Knows (Ham) Pete 3.13
13:Dennis (Ham) Pete 5.17

My comments:

Shine On was the first ever Badfinger compilation to be released. It contains tracks from their two released Warner Brothers albums. There will always be different opinions of which tracks should be chosen for a compilation; personally I think these selections are pretty well chosen. I would have preferred though another Molland track than Andy Norris; maybe Got To Get Out Of Here. I also would have liked to hear Tom's King of The Load

My favourites: Lonely You, Shine On, Song For A Lost Friend, Know One Knows and Dennis

Other very good songs: I Miss You, Why Don't We Talk, Island, In The Meantime, Just a Chance

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 8

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