Say No More

- First released in 1981 on Radio Records - 16030 (US)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:I Got You (Molland) Joey 3.49
2:Come On (Evans) Tom 3.26
3:Hold On (Evans) Tom 3.30
4:Because I Love You (Molland) Joey 2.58
5:Rock'N Roll Contract (Evans) Tom 5.45
6:Passin' Time (Molland) Joey 3.33
7:Three Time Loser (Molland) Joey 3.31
8:Too Hung Up On You (Evans) Tom 3.24
9:Crocadillo (Evans) Tom 3.20
10:No More (Molland) Joey 4.42

My comments:

The new line-up which recorded Airwaves had already disbanded before the album was released. For Say No More Tom and Joey had brought together another strong version of Badfinger. Tony Kaye ( known from Yes) played the keyboards, Glen Sherba played guitars, Richard Bryans played drums and Tom and Joey played their usual bass and guitar. This album should be the last Badfinger album; Tony Kaye and Tom Evans actually did rehearse for a second Radio Records album, but nothing came out of that.

Their ideas for Say No More was to produce a rock album; not so slick and commercial as Airwaves. Unfortunately the material on the album is not up to the same standards as its predecessor. A few strong tracks can be found here, though. Too Hung Up On You by Tom Evans is the outstanding track on the album; to my ears the only song where the vocals sound like Badfinger. Hold On is a good song too; it actually was a minor hit. Joey wrote some of his compulsory rockers for the album, but they all sound more or less noisy, probably due to poor production. He also wrote the commercial Because I Love You, a Blondie styled track. The song is okay, but the sound of it isn't very "clean". We can hope for a future release of the album will have a cleaner sound; after all the album deserves it.

My favourite: Too Hung Up On You

Other very good song: Hold On

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 4

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