Joey Molland - The Pilgrim

- First released 1992 on Ryko - RCD 10212 (US)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:You Make Me Sick (Molland) Joey 4.10
2:All Caught Up (Molland) Joey 5.12
3:The Party's Over (Molland) Joey 4.10
4:No One Likes The Rain (Molland) Joey 4.09
5:Vampire Wedding (Molland) Joey 4.05
6:The Magic of Love (Molland) Joey 6.19
7:Hard Times (Molland) Joey 3.26
8:Long, Long Way Back Home (Molland) Joey 4.59
9:In My Dreams (Molland) Joey 4.12
10:Your Eyes (Molland) Joey 4.20
11:This'n That (Molland) Joey 3.32
12:All The Way (Molland) Joey 5.48

My comments:

Following the relatively commercial success of The Day After Day Live album, Joey released this album on Ryko records in 1992. The production of this album, by Joey himself, is much more satisfying than his first album from 1984. The material is also better , the playing time is much longer; all in all a much better effort by Joey. Very strong ballads like All Caught Up, The Magic of Love ( a bit too long ) and No One likes The Rain ( a potential monster hit ) combined with optimistic tracks like This'n That make this album Joey's artistically most succesful album since the Badfinger-days. Even Joey's straightforward rockers sound better than usual.

My favourites: All Caught Up, No One Likes The Rain and This'n That

Other very good songs: The Magic Of Love, You Make Me Sick and In My Dreams

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 7

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