A Promotion CD released by Bug Music, October 2006

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:Day After Day (Ham) Pete 3.09
2:No Matter What (Ham) Pete 2.58
3:Baby Blue (Ham) Pete 2.52
4:Without You (Ham/Evans) Pete and Tom 4.41
5:I´ll Be the One (Ham/Evans/Gibbins/Molland) Tom 2.52
6:Name of the Game (Ham) Pete 5.16
7:When I Say (Evans) Tom 3.05
8:Blodwyn (Ham) Pete 3.24
9:It´s Over (Evans) Tom 3.24
10:Carry On Till Tomorrow (Ham/Evans) Tom and Pete 4.47
11:Lonely You (Ham) Pete 3.41
12:Perfection (Ham) Pete 5.05
13:I Can´t Take it (Ham) Pete 2.52
14:We´re For the Dark (Ham) Pete 3.53
15:Maybe Tomorrow (Evans) Tom 3.50
16:Just a Chance (Ham) Pete 2.57
17:Believe Me (Evans) Tom 2.58
18:Know One Knows (Ham) Pete 3.13
19:Dennis ( edited ) (Ham) Pete 3.47
20:Midnight Caller (Ham) Pete 2.50
21:Apple of My Eye (Ham) Pete 3.05
22:Without You (Ham/Evans) Harry Nilsson 3.08

My comments:

A new promotional CD of songs written by Pete Ham and Tom Evans. Not intended for commercial sale. Only made for the purpose to promote the songs for potential uses for films, television shows, advertising, and/or cover versions. Only 1000 copies made.
Nevertheless it makes up a fine compilation of Badfinger´s music, containing the majority of the very best of their recordings. Maybe I was slightly surprised that "Midnight Sun", "Take it All" and "King of the Load" weren´t included; but then again: You can´t have them all on only one CD

Additional note: I have now been so fortunate to have got a copy of this rare release. The new remastering is really a pleasure

My favourites: Most tracks!

Other very good songs: The others!

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 9

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