Over You - Tommy Evans with Rod Roach

- First released in 1993, on Gipsy Music BF1CD

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:Waited Too Long (Evans) Tom 4.10
2:Love Inside You (Evans) Tom 4.02
3:I Don't Know Why (Evans) Tom 3.56
4:You And I (Evans) Tom 2.40
5:Baby You (Evans) Tom 4.43
6:If I Needed Someone (Evans) Tom 3.10
7:A Step To Heaven (Evans) Tom 4.19
8:The Rain (Evans) Tom 3.30
9:Lay Down (Evans) Tom 4.30
10:Stolen Love (Evans) Tom 3.40
11:Over You (Evans) Tom 3.52

My comments:

This a very strong collection of Tom Evans recordings/demos. Most of is way above demos sound quality and this CD could easily have been released as an ordinary album. Rod Roach has done a very fine production. The songs, the singing and the playing is brilliant. This album is a must for any Badfinger-fan and for anyone who likes good melodic music.

My favourites:Love Inside You, You And I, If I Needed Someone, Lay Down and Over You

Other very good songs: Waited Too Long and A Step To Heaven

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 8

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