Natural Gas

- First released 1976 on Private Stock 2011 (US) / PVLP 1007 (UK)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:Little Darling (Molland/Molland) Joey and Mark 3.00
2:Once Again A Love Song (Molland) Joey and Mark 4.56
3:You Can Do It (Wood/Clarke) Mark Clarke and Felix Paparlardi 2.56
4:I've Been Waiting (Molland) Joey and Mark 3.15
5:I Believe It's Love (ShirleyMolland) Mark Clarke 4.03
6:The Right Time (Clarke) Mark Clarke and Joey 3.47
7:Christmas Song (Molland) Joey and Mark 4.59
8:Miracle Mile (Clarke) Mark Clarke and Joey 2.43
9:Dark Cloud (Molland) Joey and Mark 2.59
10:St Louis Blues (Clarke) Mark 3.29

My comments:

Joey formed this band in 1975 with Jerry Shirley(Humble Pie - drums), Mike Clarke ( bass ) , Peter Wood ( keyb. ) and Felix Paparlardi ( prod. ). The band only recorded this one album in 1976. The album is mostly mainstream rock, typical of the middle seventies. Once Again a Love Song is the best track.

My favourites:Once Again a Love Song

Other good songs: Christmas Song, I Believe It's Love and The Right Time.

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album:3

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