More Annoying Songs - Mike Gibbins

- First released 2000 on Exile Records (US)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:Wired (Gibbins) Mike 9.46
2:Two And Two (Gibbins) Mike 3.22
3:Time Will Tell Us (Gibbins) Mike 4.20
4:Chains (Gibbins) Mike 5.32
5:Dirty Old Bugger (Gibbins) Mike 5.41
6:Oxydynamo (Gibbins) Mike 6.34
7:Love Song (Gibbins) Mike 3.24
8:Hold On To Your Dream (Gibbins) Mike 4.14
9:Dream On .. Fall To Pieces (Gibbins) Mike 9.37

My comments:

The wait is almost over.  Rumours say that this full length CD will be featuring Mike Gibbins best music to date.  Again Mike is joined by the amazing Rick Warsing on guitars to create a diverse mix of crafted songwriting and off the wall experimentation, plus a guest vocal appearance by Ivey Ron Griffiths.Pete Ham is thanked for his inspiration in the CD notes.

My Review

I hate to admit this; but having listened to Mike's new CD several times during the last few days, I feel a bit disappointed. Were my expectations too big - probably. I guess that I took for granted that there would be a developement from "A Place in Time" towards a more sophisticated and professional production/sound.

I really like "A Place in Time" in many ways. First of all because of the good songs, but also because of Mikeīs voice and the playing. On the negative side I find the production a bit flat at times; especially on the drums and the keyboards.

"More Annoying Songs" suffers from some of the same problems and unfortunately it does not have the catchy melodies that "A Place in Time" has. Several of these new songs are more bluesy - but they're not really blues - not really interesting, in spite of some great guitar playing by Rick Warsing. Another problem is Mike's voice. It does not sound as strong as it did on his first album; maybe the answer to this lies in the way his vocals are produced/mixed.

I feel that these songs sound too much like a home-studio project. I have a feeling that many of them could have come much more to life had they been through the process of being played and performed by a touring band. I really think it would be a great idea if Mike got himself a permanent band and did some live gigs from time to time. Heīs already got a great guitarist.

My conclusion: Of course any real Badfinger fan will ( and should ) buy this album and of course find his/her own personal favourite songs on the album.

The Songs:

1. Wired.

This is a typical Mike Gibbins melody - one of the best on the album, but unfortunately it goes on for much too long and the listener will easily lose the attension.

2. Two and Two.

A "boogie-blues" track with some inspired guitar playing by Rick Warsing.

3. Time Will Tell Us.

A rocker sung by Ron Griffiths. Interesting how much his voice has changed since the Iveys days. To me he sounds a bit like Gary Brooker. Ronīs vocals and the guitar saves this ordinary rock-tune.

4. Chains.

This was the first track that really drew my attension. A fine intro and a catchy melody. My favourite track.

5. Dirty Old Bugger.

There is something familiar about this el-piano dominated track. It has a very long intro. The vocals on this track sound a bit like Ron's on "Time Will Tell Us". There is a strange abrupt rhytm on this track that features some nice guitar breaks.

6. Oxydynamo.

This is a slow blues that never really comes to life. Mikeīs singing is dark and mysterious. The track feels very long as not very much is happening underways. Ron Griffiths helps on this track on vocals. One of the weakest tracks.

7. Love Song.

This is another el-piano dominated track. Not a bad song, but again it feels a bit abrupt rhytmically. There are no drums on this track.

8. Hold On to Your Dream.

Another good song that suffers a bit from diffuse vocals. Nice sound on the guitars.

9. Dream on - Fall to Pieces.

This final track has a psychedelic feel to it. And though it's a very long track I think it maintains the exitement throughout all 9 minutes. Another favourite of mine.

My favourites: Chains

Other very good songs: Time Will Tell Us, Hold On To Your Dream and Dream on .. Fall To Pieces

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album:4

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