Magic Christian Music

- First released in 1970, on Apple Records.Apple SAPCOR12(UK) / ST3364(US)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1: Come and Get it (McCartney) Tom 2.21
2: Crimson Ship (Ham/Evans) Tom and Pete 3.42
3: Dear Angie (Griffiths) Ron 2.39
4: Fisherman (Evans) Tom 2.24
5: Midnight Sun (Ham) Pete 2.46
6: Beautiful and Blue (Evans) Tom 2.40
7: Rock of All Ages (Ham/Evans/Gibbins/Griffiths) Tom 3.16
8: Carry on Till Tomorrow (Ham/Evans) Tom 4.47
9: I'm in Love (Ham) Tom 2.26
10: Walk Out in The Rain (Ham) Pete 3.27
11: Angelique (Evans) Tom 2.28
12: Knocking Down Our Home (Ham) Pete 3.40
13: Give it a Try (Ham/Evans/Gibbins/Griffiths) Ron 2.31
14: Maybe Tomorrow (Evans) Tom 2.51

Bonus Tracks On Reissue

15: Storm in a Teacup (Evans) Tom 2.31
16: Arthur (Ham/Evans) Tom 3.20

New Bonus Tracks On Second Reissue 2010

15: And Her Daddyís A Millionaire (Ham/Evans) Tom 2.08
16: Mrs Jones (Ham) Pete 2.15
17: Sali Bloo (Ham) Ron 2.35
18: See-Saw Granpa (Ham) Pete 3.33
19: Iíve Been Waiting (Ham) Pete 5.15

Digital Downloads only on Second Reissue 2010

1: Dear Angie - mono (Griffiths) Ron 2.39
2: No Escaping Your Love (Evans) Tom 2.12
3: Think About The Good Times (Gibbins) Mike and Tom 2.21
4: Yesterday Ainít Coming Back (Ham/Evans) Pete 2.57
5: Arthur (Ham/Evans) Tom 3.20
6: Storm in a Teacup (Evans) Tom 2.31

My comments:

Additional comments on the 2010 reissue.

It was really positive news that Apple decided to reissue their four Badfinger albums and give them a remastering. The first CD release of "Magic Christian Music" dates back to 1991, and although the sound on the old release wasnít bad, this is a clear improvement.

Moreover, on this new release interesting bonus tracks of quality fully matching the original album. "And Her Daddy's a Millionaire" is an alternate version that has not previously been published. This release appears both more inspired and commercial, so it is really strange that it was not originally preferred. "Mrs. Jones", which was also with a bonus number on the 1991 release is found here in a much better mix. The song was at one point considered for a single, shortly before the group changed name from The Iveys to Badfinger. Three fine tracks from Iveys album "Maybe Tomorrow" are also added in previously unreleased mixes. Especially the long version of "I've Been Waiting" is interesting and the track shows the group from their most rocking and progressive side.

There are fine and informative liner notes written by Andy Davis. Compared with the first release will some might miss the band discography which here is omitted.

Magic Christian Music was the first album to bear the Badfinger name, though 6 of the songs on the album are in fact old Iveys recordings already released on Maybe Tomorrow. Some fans do not even consider this album a Badfinger record, since it does not feature Joey Molland,who is usually regarded as an original member. Actually the band decided to find a new name months before Molland entered in December 69.

It cannot be denied that a good deal of the album is both in spirit and style more Iveys than Badfinger, but I think the recordings on this album done with Paul McCartney really show that the band was very close to the famliar Badfinger sound. Great tracks like Midnight Sun, Crimson Ship and Come and Get it would have fitted nicely into the follow-up album No Dice. Walk Out in the Rain is another stand-out track, in my view a potential evergreen. Rock of All Ages is probably the wildest rocker the band ever recorded. Beautiful and Blue and Knocking Down Our home were 2 of the strongest tracks on The Iveys album and they also suit this album well. Maybe Tomorrow which had been i minor hit, was also selected for this album. Though much better album than Maybe Tomorrow it suffers from some of the same flaws. The material is too varied in style and quality to make a real strong consistent album. In fact I find the American 12 tracks version of the album more listenable. The two bonus tracks are Iveys recordings from late 68 - none of them very interesting.

The new bonus-tracks are all Iveys recordings made before The Magic Christian sessions

My favourites: Come and Get it, Crimson Ship, Midnight Sun, Beautiful and Blue, Walk Out in The Rain + I've Been Waiting

Other very good songs: Knocking Down Our Home and Rock of All Ages

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 6

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