In The Meantime - Mike Gibbins

- First released 2003 on Exile Records (US)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time:
1:In The Meantime (remake) (Gibbins) Mike 6:37
2:Band Of Hope (Gibbins) Mike 7:35
3:Guillotine (Gibbins) Mike 3:35
4:Lean On Me (Gibbins) Mike 4:31
5:Tonite (Gibbins) Mike 2:10
6:Toadstool (drum solo) (Gibbins) 4:19
7:Grace Under Fire (Gibbins) Mike 9:18
8:Heaven Knows (Gibbins) Mike 4:52
9:Come And Get It (remake) (McCartney) Mike 4:09
10:Beat You On The Draw (Gibbins) Mike 3:58

My comments:

Mike Gibbins has recorded and released a new album:  IN THE MEANTIME
Mike continues the his line of solo releases with this 4th album. Compared to his previous album the instrumentation is more varied and several musicians help play on the record. His song-writing style has not changed very much, but there is a very interesting re-recording of the old Badfinger song ""In the Meantime", which features great guitar work from Rick Warsing. Nice to hear acoutic guitars!

My favourites: "In the Meantime" and "Tonite"

Other very good songs: "Lean on Me", "Grace Under Fire" and "Come and Get it"

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album:5

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