Forthcoming Album

Tracklist not necessarily final.

To be released in spring 2011. Label not yet decided

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:What Your're Looking For (The Stairs/Vindberg) Jesper 3.31
2:I've Got a Feeling (The Stairs/Vindberg) Jesper 3.24
3:Empty Chair (The Stairs/Vindberg) Jesper 6.07
4:If You Don't Know By Now (The Stairs/Vindberg) Jesper 4.13
5:Little Bird (Vindberg) Jesper 3.47
6:Back From the Sky (Vindberg) Jesper 4.21
7:Song About Something/Nothing (Vindberg) Jesper 4.39
8:That's Not a Man (Vindberg) Jesper 3.25
9:A Bit of Alright (Vindberg) Jesper 4.42
10:Everything Is Open (Vindberg) Jesper 5.32

Possible Bonus Tracks

11: What Loneliness Does (Vindberg) Jesper 2.45
12: Music Police (Vindberg) Jesper 3.48


The Stairs will in the spring of 2011 release their first full length CD. The album will consist of tracks recorded during 2010, supplemented with selected songs previously released on EPs in the period 2006-2009. These include live favorites like "Back From The Sky" and “Little Bird."

There may be added one or two more numbers to the list, maybe listed as bonus tracks. One of those could be the download only single “What Loneliness Does” from 2008. An album title has not yet been decided for, but it could well be "Empty Chairs", which was also the title of the recent EP.

In the meantime the group are well underways with songs for a successor with completely newly written songs which the group hope to record during 2011.

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