Finest Moments

Australian Apple 1989 Compilation - Never released. Only promo-copies exist!

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:Come And Get It (McCartney) Tom 2.21
2:Take It All (Ham) Pete 4.26
3:Maybe Tomorrow (Evans) Tom 2.52
4:Apple Of My Eye (Ham) Pete 3.06
5:Sweet Tuesday Morning (Molland) Joey 2.29
6:Baby Blue (Ham) Pete 3.36
7:Blodwyn (Ham) Pete 3.24
8:Day After Day (Ham) Pete 3.10
9:No Matter What (Ham) Pete 2.59
10:Carry On Till Tomorrow (Ham/Evans) Tom and Pete 4.47
11:Knocking Down Our Home (Ham) Pete 3.41
12:Blind Owl (Evans) Tom 3.00
13:Flying (Evans/Molland) Joey 2.35
14:And Her Daddy's A Millionaire (Ham/Evans) Tom 2.08
15:Better Days (Evans/Molland) Tom and Joey 3.59
16:Without You (Ham/Evans) Pete and Tom 4.42

My comments:

A shame this album was never released. The album was scrapped at the time in 1989 when Apple had legal problems. The cover was never created, only an insert which appears above in green, which states: "A Memorial to Pete Ham, Tom Evans and Mal Evans". Supposedly, less than a dozen copies of this LP exist. ( thanks to Tom Brennan )

My favourites: Most tracks!

Other very good songs: The others!

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 8

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