Love On The Rebound / The Dodgers

- First released in 1978 on Polydor - 2391379 (GB) / POL 6174 (US)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:Love On The Rebound () 3.34
2:Little Darling () 2.55
3:Anytime ( Bob Jackson ) 3.43
4:Come Out Fighting ( ) 2.55
5:It Was You ( ) 2.33
6:Mr Music ( ) 2.52
7:Don't Know What You're Doing ( Bob Jackson ) 3.45
8:Your Love ( ) 3.45
9:I Call Your Name ( Bob Jackson / ? ) 3.18
10:Take Another Piece ( Bob Jackson ) 2.24
11:Don't Let Me Be Wrong ( John Wilson ) 2.25
12: Just Wanna Love You ( John Wilson )
13 : All I Do ( Bob Jackson? )
14: Das Ende ( John Wilson ? )

My comments:

The Dodgers were formed around 1975/76 by Tom Evans, Bob Jackson, John Wilson and Paul Hooper. They recorded 3 singles for Island Records, but before they were ready for an album Tom Evans was no longer in the band. Evans is not featured on this album, but a lot it has his spirit. Most of it is catchy powerpop, not unlike some of the material on the Tom Evans CD "Over You". The playing and singing is very good; even without Tommy's wonderful voice. It would be great if this album was released on CD with the 3 singles ( featuring Tommy ) as bonus-tracks. Some Badfinger fans will probably find this album a bit too poppy and lightweight.

My favourite: Love On The Rebound, Anytime and I Call Your Name

Other good songs: Don't Know What You're Doing, Your Love and Don't Let Me Be Wrong

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 4

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