Complete Ass

- First released in 2001, on Brilliant Road. BRD 014

Disc 1 :

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:Apple of My Eye (Ham) Pete 3.06
2:Get Away (Molland) Joey 3.59
3:Icicles (Molland) Joey 2.32
4:The Winner (Molland) Joey 3.18
5: Blind Owl (Evans) Tom 3.00
6:Constitution (Molland) Joey 2.58
7:When I Say (Evans) Tom 3.05
8:Cowboy (Gibbins) Mike 2.37
9:I Can Love You (Molland) Joey 3.33
10:Timeless (Ham) Pete 7.39
11:Little Miss Misunderstood (Joey demo/Basil) (Molland) Joey 2.18
12:Blind Owl (Tommy demo/Book CD) (Evans) Tom 2.23
13:Piano Red (Pete / Golders Green) (Ham) Pete 4.56
14:Little Miss Misunderstood (Joey demo/Basil) (Molland) Joey 2.39
15: Cowboy Instrumental (Gibbins) 2.35
16: Get Up Off Your Knees ( Mike & friends ) (Gibbins) Mike 3.31
17: For So Long ( Mike & friends ) (Gibbins) Mike 3.40
18: This Time ( Mike & friends ) (Gibbins) Mike 5.08
18: Cowboy - alternate version (Gibbins) Mike 3.39

Disc 2:

1:Timeless - alternate version (Ham) Pete 5.13
2: Coppertone Blues Instrumental (Ham) 2.42
3: Rock´n Roll (Evans) Tom 3.08
4: Dreaming (Molland) Joey 4.59
5: Piano Red (Ham) Pete 3.32
6: Do You Mind (Evans) Joey 3.15
7: Regular (Molland) Joey 2.41
8: Blind Owl - alternate version (Evans) Tom 2.48
9: I Can Love You - different mix (Molland) Joey 2.41
10: When I Say - alternate early version (Evans) Tom 3.08
11: Piano Red (Ham) Pete 3.36
12: When I Say - alternate vocal (Evans) Tom 3.06
13: Timeless - edited version (Ham) Pete 5.25
14: Regular - alternate version (Molland) Joey 2.20
15: Regular (Molland) Joey 2.41
16: Do You Mind - alternate version 2 ( no guitar solo) (Molland) Joey 3.19
17: Do You Mind - alternate version 3 (Molland) Joey 3.19
17: Do You Mind - Ass Bonus version (Molland) Joey 3.15

General Comments:

Ass has often been critized for the muddy sounding mix; and no doubt the versions of the album released so far are clearly inferior to the other Apple Badfinger album releases. This fact was one the reasons that I was very interested in getting hold of this bootleg version of the album; of course the large number of bonus tracks also helped getting me interested.
The first 10 tracks are obviously the 10 released versions from the album. An effort has been done to improve the sound quality and they do sound clearer; at least that was my first impression. Having listened to these versions 3-4 times, I´m not sure if I think an improvement has been made. Somehow I think some of the warmth of the original album has been lost. I feel that the high notes sometimes sound a bit distorted and cheap. I think the only way to give the album a decent improvement is getting hold of the original masters and giving the a new remastering and maybe a remixing of some of the tracks.
Having said that; this is still s great album. Though this album may not contain as many classic songs as the other Badfinger album, the playing is terrific. The arrangements are in most cases great and apart from the sound the production is also great. Some of the outtakes sound very finished and especally "Do You Mind", "Regular" and maybe also "Piano Red" could easily have been added to the original release. I can understand, though why there were left out. "Regular" and "Piano Red" may have been thought not serious enough to fit the rest of the album; if this was the case, I don´t understand why the weakest track of the album, "Cowboy", was not left out, too. None of the versions of "Do You Mind" seem to be the definite version with a welcomposed guitar solo; it´s still a great song, though.
The other 3 outtakes sound more unfinished. The sound quality is fine on both "Dreaming", Rock´n Roll" and "Coppertone Blues", but they all need a lot more work to fit into a regular album release.
"Dreaming" is a bluesy rocker by Joey and though it features some good harmonica playing it´s simply not interesting enough; it lacks exitement and besides it goes on for much too long.
"Rock´n Roll" could have been a great track. The piano playing is great and the guitars sound inspired, but Tommy´s vocals sound strained and the lyrics seem unfinished.
"Coppertone Blues" obviously miss Pete´s vocals and though it´s nicely played it also somehow sounds a bit uninspired.

Comments to the "new" bonustracks :

Track 11 - Little Miss Misunderstood
This track is taken from Basil ( track 10 ). The sound is good ( like Basil! )

Track 12 - Blind Owl
This track is taken from the Badfinger Biography CD ( track 11 ). The sound is fair - this can hardly be called a demo version; this is Tom playing his new song to some friends

Track 13 - Piano Red
This track is taken from Golders Green ( track 21 ). The sound is good - this version is in some ways superior to the Badfinger version; especially Pete´s vocals, and also some nice slide guitar parts. But it goes on too long

Track 14 - Little Miss Misunderstood
This track is taken from Basil ( track 17 ). The sound is good ( like Basil! )

Track 15 - Cowboy Instrumental
This track has been released on several bootlegs before. Not a very interesting track. The sound is fair

Track 16 - Get Up Off Your Knees
This track was recorded along with 4 other songs by Mike Gibbins and some friends in 1972. Mike had left Badfinger for a short period that year. The music is not unlike Mike´s on his recent releases. The sound quality is not the best

Track 17 - For So Long
This track is also taken from Mike´s 72 sessions. On the sleeve tracks 17 and 18 have been exchanged

Track 18 - This Time
Yet another track from Mike´s 72 sessions. The best of the 3 songs. Like on other of Mike´s songs he sounds inspired by George Harrison. Unfortunately the sound quality is not very good

Track 19 - Cowboy
I think this is the same recording as track 15; with Mike´s vocals added.

Track 1 - Disc 2 - Timeless
This alternate version features some interesting double ( harmonized )guitarparts. The sound is not so good as on most of the other outtakes. The could be a really great bonus track on an official re-release. I had never heard this version before. Key Em

Track 2 - Coppertone Blues Instrumental
A backtracking track which have been released earlier on other boots. Good sound

Track 3 - Rock´n Roll
This track is probably taken from Kickin´ Ass bootleg - sounds the same

Track 4 - Dreaming
This track is probably taken from Kickin´ Ass bootleg - sounds the same

Track 5 - Piano Red
This track is probably taken from Kickin´ Ass bootleg - nice harmonica playing. Not one of Pete´s best songs

Track 6 - Do You Mind
This track is probably taken from Kickin´ Ass bootleg - a good version of the song, though not quite as clean sounding as the Ass-bonus version. Key Bb

Track 7 - Regular
This track is probably taken from Kickin´ Ass bootleg - a good recording; tight playing

Track 8 - Blind Owl - alternate version
The sound quality on this track is much inferior to most of the other tracks. The playing is okay but it sounds like a rehearsal. This version has been released on other boots too

Track 9 - I Can Love You
I think this is a rough mix of the released version. There is a bit talking in the beginning of the track

Track 10 - When I Say -
This sound like a early version of the sound, though the arrangement is very close to the released version

Track 11 - Piano Red
I have not yet found out in what way this track differs from track 5

Track 12 - When I Say
Another version with Tom´s count in. The sound quality is not too good.

Track 13 - Timeless - edited version
I believe this is the released version edited shorter and with a "new" ending. Key Dm

Track 14 - Regular - alternate version
Joey´s vocals are weaker on this version - a bit sloppy. The sound is also not as good as on the other 2 versions

Track 15 - Regular
I have not yet found out in what way this track differs from track 7

Track 16 - Do You Mind - alt
A version without some of the acoustic guitars. There is no guitar solo either. Key A

Track 17 - Do You Mind - alt
Yet another version. Clearly different from the other 2. Good sound. Key A

Track 18 - Do You Mind - bonus version
The version released as bonus track on the official release. Key Bb

My favourites: Apple Of My Eye, Blind Owl, When I Say, Timeless and Do You Mind

Other very good songs:Icicles

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