The Best of Badfinger Volume II

- First released in 1990, on Rhino Records - R2 70978 (US)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:Know One Knows (Ham) Pete 3.17
2:Shine On (Ham/Evans) Pete and Tom 2.52
3:Lonely You (Ham) Pete 3.47
4:Give It Up (Molland) Joey 4.31
5:Song For a Lost Friend (Ham) Pete 2.55
6:Just A Chance (Ham) Pete 2.59
7:Your So Fine (Gibbins) Pete and Joey 3.04
8:Got To Get Out Of Here (Molland) Joey 3.30
9:In The Meantime (Gibbins) Mike 3.08
10:Some Other Time (Molland) Joey 3.37
11:I Miss You (Ham) Pete 2.36
12:Meanwhile Back At The Ranch (Ham) Pete 2.39
13:Should I Smoke (Molland) Joey 2.38
14:Lay Me Down (Ham) Pete 3.31
15:Passed Fast (Evans/Jackson) Bob and Tom 4.18
16:Keep Believing (Ham) Pete 4.10
17:Moonshine (Gibbins/Evans/Jackson) Tom and Bob 3.56
18:Lost Inside Your Love (Evans) Tom 2.40
19:Love is Gonna Come At Last (Molland) Joey 3.37

My comments:

These songs are all from Badfinger's post Apple period; The choice of songs from the two released Warner albums is excellent; and even better: The album contains 4 previously unreleased tracks from Head First; all among Badfingers greatest. Finally there are two tracks from Airwaves, an album which hasn't been released on CD yet. A very good compilation. A very good informative booklet.

My favourites: Most of them

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 9

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