BBC In Concert 1972-73

- First released in 1997, on Strange Fruit - SFRSCD 031 (UK)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:Better Days (Molland/Evans) Joey and Tom 3.54
2:Only You And I Know (Mason) Joey 6.16
3:We're For The Dark (Ham) Pete 4.55
4:Sweet Tuesday Morning (Molland) Joey 2.48
5:Feelin' Alright (Mason) Tom 9.11
6:Take It All (Ham) Pete 4.18
7:Suitcase (Molland) Joey 7.35
8:Love Is Easy (Molland) Joey 3.12
9:Blind Owl (Evans) Tom 4.40
10:Constitution (Molland) Joey 4.05
11:Icicles (Molland) Joey 2.34
12:Matted Spam (Ham) Pete 3.45
13:Suitcase Molland) Joey 6.18
14:I Can't Take It (Ham) Pete 4.31
15:Come And Get It (McCartney) Tom 2.35

My comments:

Badfinger did 3 live permances for The BBC, this CD contains the first two, the third unfortunately seems to have disappeared (erased?). The first 7 tracks are from a 1972 concert at Paris Theatre, London; the next 7 are from a 1973 performance also at The Paris Theatre and the last Come and Get It is from Top of The Pops 1970. The sound quality is good and the performances are mostly very good; a few wrong chords can be noticed some of last tracks. It's interesting to hear their versions of two Dave Mason songs. Both tracks feature long guitarsolos and are good examples of the difference between their records and their liveact.

My favourites:Take It All, We're For The Dark and Blind Owl

Other good tracks: Better Days, Come And Get It, Only You Know And I Know and Matted Spam

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 6

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