Joey Molland - Basil

- First released 1998 on Independent Artists - IA 001 (US)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:Said It's Alright (Molland) Joey 3.36
2:Borderline (Molland) Joey 2.23
3:Birdsong (Molland) Joey 2.56
4:Cadillac Blues Molland) Joey 4.08
5:Can't Stop (Molland) Joey 3.38
6:Clouds of Love (Molland) Joey 2.48
7:Isn't That A Dream (Molland) Joey 4.35
8:It's True (Molland) Joey 3.36
9:Mirrors Molland) Joey 3.48
10:Miss Misunderstood 1 (Molland) Joey 2.21
11:Moonlight (Molland) Joey 4.05
12:Panning Gold (Molland) Joey 2.41
13:Sometimes (Molland) Joey 3.01
14:Walkin' The Floor (Molland) Joey 3.05
15:What You're Doing (Molland) Joey 3.22
16:When (Molland) Joey 2.48
17:Miss Misunderstood 2 (Molland) Joey 2.41

My comments:

"Basil" is a collection of Joey Molland's private recordings of songs written over the past 25 years.  This was not intended as a major release, but obviously more or less "done for his fans". The tracks vary a lot in both quality and sound/production. Some of the songs are really "home-recordings" while others could be released as fully produced album-tracks. There are a lot of typical Joey-rockers; some of them suffer from strained vocals and poor sound, but there are also good tracks. Mirrors is a real good rocker that may turn up on Joey's forthcoming album. Among the ballads and slower tracks Isn't That a Dream is a favourite.

My favourites:Isn't That a Dream and Mirrors

Other very good songs: Borderline and It's True

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album:4

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