- First released in 1974, on Warner Brothers - WB K56023 (UK) / WB 2762 (US)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:I Miss You (Ham) Pete 2.35
2:Shine On (Ham/Evans) Pete 2.52
3:Love is Easy (Molland) Joey 3.08
4:Song For a Lost Friend (Ham) Pete 2.52
5:Why Don't We Talk (Evans) Tom 3.45
6:Island (Molland) Joey 3.40
7:Matted Spam (Ham) Pete 3.09
8:Where Do We Go From Here (Evans) Tom 3.24
9:My Heart Goes Out (Gibbins) Mike 2.16
10:Lonely You (Ham) Pete 3.47
11:Give It Up (Molland) Joey 4.33
12:Andy Norris (Molland/Molland) Joey 2.59
13:Love My Lady* (Evans) Tom 3.08

My comments:

Badfinger had signed with Warner Brothers around 72/73 before the release of their final Apple-album "Ass". The recordings for the first album for their new company began in June 73, with Chris Thomas as the producer. The title for the new album changed twice during its creation. Originally it was to be called "Wish You Were Here"; that title was later changed to "For Love Or Money" and finally thealbum ended up just being titled "Badfinger". The album has often been critizised for being rushed and inconsistant; and is often considered one of the band's weakest , which doesn't neccessarily mean that is a weak album - in fact none of their albums are.

Most of the music on this album comes as a logical continuation of "Ass". This doesn't mean that no new grounds are explored - on the contrary. On Pete's "Matted Spam" the band experiments with funky/jazzy rhythms and Tom's "Why Don't We Talk" doesn't sound like anything they'd done before; the song is quite Lennon like and features a short but great guitar solo from Pete. This on one thing characterising the album: some very inspired leadguitar parts by Pete Ham ( he played almost all lead on it). Pete is also back as the main contributor of songs, and among them is the majestic "Lonely You", which would have been a logical choice for a single. Unfortunately Warner chose Molland's Love is Easy, which although it had a good guitar-riff, suffered from strained vocals and a production that sounded unfinished; the song also lacks variation in rhytm and melody. The second single I Miss You was an almost equally poor choice. The song doesn't have a hit-potential at all, but it's certainly a fine album-track. Its B-side Shine On; similar to I'll Be The One in style and sound; would have been a much better choice. Mike Gibbins wrote My Heart Goes Out for the album and for the first time Mike really showed his songwriting abilities, the song was easily his strongest contribution to Badfinger so far. All in all the album Badfinger is really a very good album; much better than its reputation. It contains several very strong tracks, some good tracks and - admitted a few weak/unfinished tracks (Andy Norris / Love is Easy ).

My favourites: Lonely You, Shine On, Song For A Lost Friend, Where Do We Go From Here and My Heart Goes Out

Other very good songs: I Miss You, Why Don't We Talk, Island and Give it Up

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 8

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