Joey Molland - This Way Up

- Released in 2001(US)

Tracks: Written By: Lead Singer: Time
1:Mirrors (Molland) Joey - -
2:Happy (Molland) Joey - -
3:A Way To Be (Molland) Joey - -
4:The Bust (Molland) Joey - -
5:This Must Be Love (Molland) Joey - -
6:Moonlight (Molland) Joey - -
7:Another Honeymoon (Molland) Joey - -
8:When I Was a Boy (Molland) Joey - -
9:Angels Like Us (Molland) Joey - -
10:What Else (Molland) Joey - -
11:Tell Me (Molland) Joey - -
12:Three Minute Warning (Molland) Joey - -
13:Isn't That a Dream (Molland) Joey - -

My comments:

This is the long-awaited new album by Joey. Some songs are well-known by the fans either from Joey's recent live-performances or his "Basil" and "Timeless" CD's. Joey's songs are mostly mainstream catchy pop/rock tunes. The production seems at places a bit muddy; and on some songs Joey's voice sounds very strained. The songs are generally good and well performed. A bit surprising is it that a guitarist like Molland does not play very much lead guitar on this album. The recordings were done at Echo Boys Studio in Minneapolis and at Badfinger Bassist Mark Healy’s Aurora Borealis Studios in Minneapolis. The mixing, mastering and post production were all done and Aurora Borealis. The participating musicians :

Joey Molland II (Badfinger) - Guitars/vocals

Randy Anderson - Guitars, Doug Molland - Guitars, Joey Molland III (Joey’s Son) – Lead Guitar on What Else, Harry Pulver Jr. – Piano, Bob Milea – Drums, Tom Lecher – Bass, Mark Healy – Bass



A great power-pop tune well known from "Basil" and "Timeless". This new version is more "produced".


Another very good Power-pop tune. The song was previously released on the "Timeless" mini-cd. This new version sound a bit over-produced, which make it sound a bit chaotic at times. Is Joe beginning to lose his voice?? Personally I prefer the more simple earlier version.

A Way To Be

Yet another strong power-pop tune. One of the strongest "new" tracks. Joey's voice sounds strained, but it fits the song nicely

The Bust

This is fine song. The middle instrumental/guitar part is a highlight for me. The way Joey's voice is produced makes his vocals sound pretty diffuse.

This Must Be Love

A nice ballad; at times sounding like a "lost" Beatle tune.


A ballad well known from "Basil". This new version features full instrumentation, with strings and a nice guitar-break in the middle. Does Joey sound a bit like Paul McCartney here??

Another Honeymoon

Joey changes style with this swing-style song. Not a very strong track. Joey sounds as bored as I was while listening to it.

When I Was a Boy

A Lennon/Bowie-style ballad. A Nice recording

Angels Like Us

Another reworking of an old favourite; which not been officially released before. This is a catchy country style version. Maybe Joey has listened a bit too much to Dylan's (George Harrison's) "If Not For You". Still, one of my favourites.

What Else

A nice ballad. During my first listening to the song, what hit me the most was the strain of Joey's voice; especially on the high notes.

Tell Me

This is a pop/country song - almost in a "Save The Last Dance For Me" - style. Like "Angels" a very catchy recording arranged in a simple sixties-style.

Three Minute Warning

A traditional rocker. Not very interesting. Sounds like a filler-song to me

Isn't That a Dream

This is one of Joey's greatest songs ever. It has already been released twice (Basil/Timeless). This new version is very good, but personally I still like both earlier versions better. I wonder if the basic vocals are the same as on the "Timeless" version.

MY FAVOURITES: Mirrors, Happy, The Bust, Angels Like Us, Tell Me, Isn't That a Dream

Other very good songs: A Way To Be, This Must Be Love, When I was a Boy

Of 10 possible stars I would give this album: 6

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